Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TT 058 - Mix and Match

Hello Topical Tuesday friends Sue here

It's once again my turn to share with you and I'm sharing how I mix and match digital images and stamps.  I use Photoshop Elements 6 when I play with digis but this would work just as well in a word document.

So lets start. You might want to click on each  to get a closer view of the screen shots.

In Elements I open a NEW blank file. I name the file and use my card dimensions in inches for the size. (I like to use 4.25" x 5.5" so I trim down if need be) I also like to make sure the bottom box shows that the NEW file will be Transparent.  This gives you a first layer.

This gives you the first layer.

Now I OPEN a digital image. The image will open in a full page but if you click in the corner you can make this page small enough to sit at the top of the screen so you can see it and Layer 1.  The digital image will now be showing in the column on the right of your screen so click on it and pull it onto your first layer.  Drag this to the position you want it and resize it by using the corner boxes. 
I wanted 3 images running down the right side of my card so added the 3 and manipulated them, turning the top and bottom one slightly.

Here's how my 3 images look so far.

I wanted to make the images lighter for my card so I changed the Opacity on each image by clicking on it then going over to the tabs on the right of the screen can you see Opacity....OK just move the slider to make the image lighter.  

Now the Opacity is sorted out (I took mine down to 50%) you should have 4 layers showing in the column on the right.  Now it's time to merge them down into 1. Only do this when you're happy with how everything looks.  The screenshot above shows LAYER : MERGE VISIBLE.  

 Now to print off your one layer card front. Click PRINT which brings up a screen like this with your file in the centre of the screen.     To move it just un tick the box that says CENTRE IMAGE then you can move it to where you want it to print.  

In my case to the top left hand side of the A4 sheet but if you wanted to print this directly to your card front you could do that too. If you were making multiples, you could print out two side by side.

Check before you Print.....and PRINT

Here's the finished card using AnnaBelle Stamps Designer Flowers with papers from the Classic Cherry Digital Collection in Apricot.

Here's another card using both digital and stamped images.

First the Digital Page:

Now the completed card:

I'd love to see how you play with digital images and stamps.  Join in and add your project to the gallery on Stamp Embellish Create. Don't forget to add the TAG TT058 so I can find your work. I just might have a little something for one person who joins in this week:)

Thanks for taking the time today........

All Products from AnnaBelle Stamps.

Digital Images: Stamp Embellish Create



  1. Oh My, now you're just showing off your PS skills. You are amazing Sue, thanks for the tips (now I know who to call when I get stuck)!

  2. You clever thing you thanks for that. x

  3. Over my head, despite the clear and concise instructions - LOL

    Beautiful card too :)


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