Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Topical Tuesday #62 - Turn the Page

Hi all!  Well here it is my turn again to bring you this week's TT, and I had to think long and hard about what to do and came up with this...my second mixed media page!  Really what I was wanting to do was 'try' out my new Faber Castell Gelatos and markers, so that's what I did, sometimes you just need to get in there and have a play!  I made mistakes but honestly had such a fun time doing it!  You'll have to forgive the middle part of the video as I taped it at night and the glare from my lamp left me blind to half of what I was doing lol!

Here's the final page :

The words I've simply printed from my computer because at this stage I'm just not brave enough to write them.  I did a number of calligraphy classes years ago in different styles, and must start again, it's all about practice!

And here is the video, I hope you enjoy!
Hugs for now,



  1. You are so the colour queen, Andrea lol! Loved your design process and all the mediums you used! Loved the video too, can't wait to see your next page and I bet it was fun getting inky fingers lol!

    Kylie X

  2. Such a pretty page! Really like how you layer colour.

  3. I really loved watching you create here Andrea. Gelatos seem like a whole lot of fun to play with! I love your journal page. Just beautiful!

  4. Just an amazing tutorial, Andrea! You are such an incredible artist - I'm envious (no... totally in awe of you!)


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