Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Topical Tuesdays - Gelatos

Hi everyone, it's Tobi Crawford here with some more fun with mixed media products! Last time I showed you how to work a little bit with your art journal, and today I will share a page I've done to help get you inspired to play a little!

I started out by covering the pages with gesso. There was a bit of paint drippings on the left side and I wanted to make sure that they were mostly hidden before I added the gelatos... Also, the gesso helps to protect the paper from watery substances which I'll use later!

I started by scribbling a few different green colours onto the paper that will eventually be the ground. 

If you've never used Gelatos, then you need not worry. They are a cinch to use! There are a lot of ways to blend them but my favourite method is baby-wipes!! Simply wipe a moist baby-wipe horizontally across the colours and gradually work your way down. It's very evident when the colours are blended versus not.. 

Once the "ground" was blended I added some colours for the sky. For this section I worked from the bottom of the sky up to the top. 

Once I blended the sky I added some black on the horizon and blended it with my finger. (PS... do you notice my container for some of my Gelatos and watercolour crayons? It's a container for Copic originals.. They fit perfectly!)

Now for some stamping! I added some beautiful butterflies from Butterfly Sunshine in Archival ink. I just love silhouetted images. They are so powerful! 

Once I added some journaling I stamped some circles from Splat Attack and dusted some Panpastels on them to pop them up. 


  1. what a lovely tutorial, beautiful pages.

  2. I love how this turned out. I've just got mine so hope to try this out soon.

  3. I just came upon yopur blog and I love this journal page! I love my gelatos but sometimes lack the creativity to use them and this was the perfect prompt for me. Thanks for sharing and I am sure I will visit often! Hugs & Smiles, Dannette

  4. Love the beautiful bright result, you really do make Gelato's look easy to use Tobi.


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