Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Topical Tuesday #40 - Getting More From A Border Die

Hi there!  Danielle here with you today.  For this week's Topical Tuesday, I'm continuing on with the border die, Cuts By Design Borders 1, with a quick tutorial showing how I created a longer die cut for the Christmas bag I made for the 3D Christmas Challenge.  

You can see that the border strip I created is longer than the die itself.

Run the border die through your die cut machine once, and remove the pop-out sections from the edge.  This is where you will extend the border.

Put a couple of pieces of scotch tape along the edge of the die, in preparation for temporarily sticking the die in place for a second pass through your machine.  You can make the tape less sticky by sticking it on your shirt first.

Line up your die with the popped out sections (you'll be viewing this from the back)...

... and press the scotch tape firmly in place.

Carefully lay your die and cardstock down for a second pass through your machine.  I have my die set up to cut on a metal plate underneath the die.  I find I get better results this way because the die is less likely to slip as I'm setting up.

After running the die and cardstock through your machine for the second time, carefully remove the scotch tape.

Done!  All that's left to do now is pop out the sections and use my longer die cut border!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.  We'd love to see what you make in our gallery here.



  1. This is spectacular! What a gorgeous way to dress up a paper bag! I love the extended border as much as those gorgeous ornaments! Stunning work, TFS!

  2. Another fabulous idea -- You did it again! :)


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