Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Topical Tuesday - Satin Ribbon Flowers (tt053)

Hi there,
It's Marion here from Made Marion, showing you how I create ribbon flowers using some of the gorgeous satin ribbons that can be found in the AnnaBelle store here. For today's project, I created a floral centrepiece for a gift box - perfect to give to someone special this coming Valentines.

Enjoy the video.

I can't wait to see what you create using this technique. I hope you will share them with us in the gallery found here (please use the tag tt053).

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  1. Thanks for sharing, totally gorgeous. x

  2. Beautiful. Thanks.

  3. Ooh these are just beautiful!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! These are gorgeous! I have ribbon issues. I save the pink ribbon from Victoria's Secret bags and I now have a pile. I will be making some of these!!

  5. These look fantastic! Beautiful!

  6. Another fabulous video Marion, you make it look so easy that maybe I could even do it!

  7. Beautiful flowers, you make it look sooo easy! :)

  8. The floral centerpiece is beautiful. The tutorial looks easy to follow. I have been thinking of creating something out of the satin ribbons i have collected over the years. Hopefully, this floral centerpiece will be my first project. I just hope it will turn out as gorgeous as yours.

    - HairbowCenter.com

  9. Thanks for sharing these instructions! I actually just got a satin ribbon because I am going to be custom wrapping some gifts soon. I am hopeful I can do it just as well as you did!


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