Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Topical Tuesday #56 - Mixed Media Card

Welcome to our Topical Tuesday!  This week and next week I'm afraid you'll be seeing me again as we do a bit of catch up with the Belle DT changes happening at the moment, so I hope you won't be bored, I do tend to do something with pencils!

This week I'm calling our TT a 'Mixed Media Card'.  Now I'll be honest here, I don't actually know what mixed media exactly stands for, but to me it sounds like when you use lots of different things to colour, and different mediums to add texture or highlight, so with that I made this card.  When I started, apart from the three panels and the first 3 colours of pencil I didn't know what I was going to do, I even had a different stamp out to use :)

The card is for a friends Mum who's birthday it is today, and I said to my friend - vibrant or pastel?  Well she chose vibrant, I hope she isn't too shocked with what she'll be getting lol!  Don't worry I'm not really late with the card, my friend won't be seeing her Mum until Friday, phew!

I have a video below but I will detail the colours I've used just in case you'd like to know, and hopefully in sequence :)

Inktense Pencils : Sherbert Lemon, Apple Green, Teal Green, Ionian Green, Fuchsia, Sienna Gold, Cadmium Orange, Baked Earth

Gelatos : Lemon, Green Tea

Pitt Artisit Big Brush Pens : Magenta, White

Inks : Versafine, DI Pine Needles, Memento Lilac Posies

This is a close up of the centre panel, it gives you a bit more of an idea of the texture gesso and using brushes gives, oh and fingers!  They are great to blend both the Gelatos and Big Brush Pens with!  (They were a Christmas gift from DH!  I don't have many colours but would love some more lol!)  You'll see or the imperfections, but that was half the fun!  Well most of the fun really!

Now on to the video.

I would love for you to share some of your 'mixed media' work!  Stop by our ning house - Stamp Embellish Create - and sign up to be a member, then you can share with everyone!  Simply add the this weeks tag - tt056 - to make it easy for everyone to find!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this week's TT!  I'll try to think of something other than pencils and water for next week but would love some suggestions so throw them at me!

See you Friday!




  1. Amazing creation Andrea! Makes me want to get out the Inktense pencils again.

  2. This is fantastic! I love your colouring as I also use pencils so I think its great to see some focus on them. I always love seeing how to get more from your stamps, maybe this is something you could look at?

  3. Wow!What great colouring, Andrea! I've never used Gesso before, maybe I should give it a try after seeing this. Thanks.

  4. This is so stunning! What awesome water color pencil work!

  5. Great video. Thanks for listing all the colours - just in case a box makes its way to my place. Gelatos - haven't seen them before.
    As for ideas - sorry I can't think of anything at the moment.

  6. Absolutely beautiful, Andrea. Another idea to try with my pencils. Cant thank you enough for sharing the idea and giving us the colours too as like many others I do like to give my first attempt as close as I can. Your a real inspiration and I hope this year I will have the time to join in more.


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