Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Topical Tuesday #77 - Stamp Storage

Hello all and thank you for popping back today for my Topical Tuesday!  They do say better late than never, but I do apologise for my lateness, if you could see my office you'd understand lol!

Today I have a photo TT of how I store my stamps.  I've swapped and changed so many times over the years between one thing and another, but for me space is very tight, extremely tight in my little office that has to be a real office as well!  My crafting space in total is about 1.5 metres x 3 metres, so not big enough!!  I've been planning my next craft space for such a long time I wonder if it will ever come true :)

Every time I go in to Officeworks or Howards Storage I look and see if something is going to make my organisation easier/better.  I came across these buckets that perfectly fit my stamps right up to the 6x8 sets!

Then I had to have pockets for my sets, because I am very slack at keeping them totally clean enough for them to always adhere to the acetate sheets, and I don't like it if I lose one!

They come in two sizes - A5 & A6 - and I get these from Officeworks.  I then cut white cardstock (A4 in half for A5 and in quarters for A6) to fit  and add a label.

These pockets fit 3x4, 4x4 and 6x4 stamp sets, but I had to go a different way for the 6x8, so I use both the packaging they come in and A6 sheet protectors from Marbig.  With the packaging all you need to do is undo the bottom and refold then seal again to give you a bit of space at the top, then run the top through your cutter to make an opening.  These aren't that strong so will only last a short time Im sure, but they are working pretty well so far :)  With the sheet protectors I used these for a while and binders, but stamps are very heavy and found that your normal binder didn't support them properly, so I simply cut the side panel with the holes off taking care to not cut the seal and these make perfect pockets!

I printed up labels because I love everything to be numbered!  I could've gone with alphabetical but numbers are my thing :)

Thanks for stopping by and for you patience!

Hugs for now,



  1. Great idea - love how you have these sorted. Which store did you end up finding the tubs in? I have just taken photos of most of my stamps (too many I must admit!) and put the photos in a binder. Now when I want a particular stamp or greeting, should be easy to find the set! That's the plan anyway!!

  2. This looks sooo organised Andrea, I've been toying with the idea of re-storing my stamps... but it's too scary for me to tackle right now lol.

  3. I use the SU storage boxes for my cling stamps and a video storage stand but I have run out of space! I take a photocopy of the cover or stamp out the stamp on a sheet and keep them in a folder so I can flip through to find the stamp I am looking for - I now have 3 folders! I store the images in stamp company. How do you send a stamp away? You know tell it you no longer have a home for it? I think I might one day be found buried under them all - a skeleton!

  4. Awesome. This is exactly how I store my stamps Andrea...right down to the Marbig pouches! My tubs are white though. Great minds think alike!


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