Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Topical Tuesdays - Versamark and Chalk...

Hi it's Donna here from Donna's Diary. Today I am going to show one of the very first techniques I learned when I first started scrapbooking/cardmaking which is about 15 years ago {now I'm starting to show my age!}. It's really easy and dare I say it? A cheap technique... And it's so handy if you want to make a quick card and get a different effect without pulling out embossing powders etc...  

Versamark and Chalk!

All you need is four things to start you off... 1. Chalk {of course} you can usually get craft chalk at you local scrapbooking store or just Google craft chalk, 2. A Versamark stamp pad, 3. Some sort of applicators/ cotton balls to apply the chalk, I have chosen, believe it or not, make-up pads for this card. 4. Some awesome stamps to work with... Today I have chosen Annabelle Stamps "Garden Silhouettes".

1. On white or very light cardstock stamp the image with your Versamark ink pad.
2. Then choose a colour from the chalks and gently rub the colour onto your applicator/ cotton ball or in my case make-up pad and the rub the colour onto the image...
3. Stamp another image onto the first, make sure you have clean stamps.
4. Then repeat the process with another colour.

 5. This is the fun bit where you can blend your colours together.

6. As you can see I have used two different colour green's and two different colour blues. I made this tag in under 8 minutes...Yes, I did time myself! It's also wise to spray your finished product with some sort of fixed spray...

And this is my finished card with my Versamark/Chalk tag....

I would really love to see what you guys come up with using this technique, there are so many way you can use it... 



  1. Absolutely stunning Donna. Just love this technique. I love working with chalks too. Thanks for the inspiration. hugs Sharon

  2. This looks awesome Donna, the colouring is so soft. Thanks for the tutorial :) Cathy x

  3. Oh wow, that is beautiful. Must give this a try.

  4. Lovely tags and card, Donna. Thanks for the tutorial.x

  5. LOVE your card, Donna it's Gorgeous! An Awesome tutorial and a great reminder to pull out those chalks lol!

    HugKylielie X


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