Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Topical Tuesdays - Favorite Prismacolor Combinations.

Hello, it's Donna here for this week's Topical Tuesday.. I know that many of you use Copics as your favourite medium to colour with, but I have always loved the texture that pencils give me and today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite blending combinations when I colour with my Prisma pencils.

I have found Prismacolor pencils to be the best when it comes to blending, not only are they soft and lovely to use, the colour range is massive. I don't actually use anything to blend my pencils together. I know lots of people use baby oil and other stuff and you can buy a Prismacolor colourless blender pencil for adding fine lines, like individual hairs or perhaps to highlight here or there. I, personally have never found it necessary but you might like to do it that way...

The first combination I would like to share with you is in the Blue Range...

Here I have used PC1024 - Slate Blue to start with, then PC1025 - Periwinkle and then PC901 - Indigo Blue. As you can see, I start with the lightest colour first and then finding where the shadow is going to be on the image I gradually get darker.

The next combination is in the Green Range.

Here I have used PC1005 - Limepeel, PC1090 - Olive Green and PC908 - Dark Green. And again I have started from light to dark.

The next combination is from the Yellow Range.

Here I have used 4 different pencils to get the affect that I am happy with. PC1012 - Jasmin, PC1002 - Yellowed Orange, PC1032 - Pumpkin Orange and believe or not PC922 - Poppy Red. 

 The last combination is in the Red Range.

Red is actually really hard to get right in pencils and I find that I need all of the reds plus black to get the affect that I am after. Here I have used PC922 - Poppy Red, PC924 - Crimson Red, PC925 - Crimson Lake and lastly PC935 - Black.

I have used one of the gorgeous Poppy images from the Remember When stamps set.... I hope this helps you when you are next thinking about colouring with your pencils. 



  1. Thanks Donna, I usually blend my Prismacolors with Gamsol but am now keen to try these colour combos. They look fantastic :) Cathy x

  2. Beautiful Donna.......I'm off to get my Prisma pencils out :)

  3. Thanks, that is great info! Love the prisma's!

  4. Such a fabulous tutorial Donna! These pencils are incredible.

  5. This is great, I use my Inktense pencils all the time but usually blend with water, I really need to work on blending just with pencil more!

  6. Thank you for this - perfect! I've only had my Prismacolors for about a month and I'm just learning to combine colours. I will be using your primer - thank you!

  7. Thank you for such an exceptionally informative tutorial! It's lovely when someone does all of the "hard" experimental work for you and then we can concentrate on having fun.

  8. most look good.. except for those reds... the shading is lost. I'd try a better combo with some peach, and reds...

  9. Curious, does color matching/blending/choosing come naturally to some people? It does not to me. It's something I'm steadily learning. I guess true artists probably have an eye for what looks good, as far as color goes, although, along the way, they may hone their talents. (btw, this IS a question!) thanks For your beautiful blog. :)


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