Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Topical Tuesday #90 - Kusudama Ball

Hello all and welcome to my belated Topical Tuesday!  I hope you don't mind I took a little longer than planned to finish this ball, and I wanted the instructions to be right before I posted.  These are gorgeous completed, you may remember one I did a couple of years ago with idea that I would follow through with the tutorial, but it never happened!  The last ball I made took me a couple of weeks from memory, so I don't know why I thought I'd have it done in a couple of days when it takes a day to edit the video and images lol! but here we are!

I've done a video and a photo tutorial, which I think work well together and believe me, once you've folded one the others will just follow.  So without any more blubber and rambling here is my Kusudama Ball :

In the video I've used a 10cm square just to show how to do the folds but in this photo instruction the piece is 6cm x 6cm.

Start by cutting 60 squares and score each of them on the diagonal.


Take the bottom corner and fold up towards the top point

Repeat on the other side.

Take this fold and fold back towards the side.

If you put your finger in to the corner section you can more easily get it to lay flat.

Fold the top point down on both sides.

Then fold this section in to itself.

And adhere together.

This is one petal.  You need five petals to make one flower and 12 flowers make up the Kusudamo Ball.  In the video I show how it all comes together!

I hope you enjoyed watching and thank you for your patience!  Next time I'll know it's 2 days to make the ball and 1 to edit the video and images lol!
Hugs for now,


  1. Oh my Andrea, this is a 'must try' technique, what a beautiful result!!

  2. So so pretty. So excited to have one, I started folding on the first picture, got to the end and realised I had 59 to go!! Lesson reminder : Should always read complete instructions before one starts a project.

  3. Stunning! This looked so good, I began folding on the first picture .... only to find that I had another 59 to go! Ooh la la.

  4. But I couldn't resist ... so here's my version My Blog


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