Thursday, December 19, 2013

Free Digital Magazine

Hello all!  I'm making an unprecedented stop by tonight to let you all know that Australian Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft is going digital (as well as print), and to celebrate they are offering a free copy!  Yes an absolutely free, no strings attached, free copy for you to take a look at!!  So why am I sharing this with you?  Well firstly so you can also enjoy this free edition, but also because our very own Therese has a spread in there using the AnnaBelle set - Fanciful Flowers!!!  You just have to go and check it out!  The link is below :

Happy reading everyone!

Hugs for now,



  1. when i try to open these magazines my antivirus tells me that its dangeous

    1. Hi, I'm sorry you're having trouble! I downloaded and viewed the magazine without any notifications or warnings. Perhaps if you head to the magazines Facebook page and try the link from there :

  2. Thanks Andrea. The link worked for me. Great job by Therese.


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