Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Feature and some Shop News

Only 5 more sleeps!  Are you as excited as I am??  Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been blogging for a little while now on my personal blog. Life has been hectic, health has been below average, and I needed a brake to reassess which way I was wanting to go...  AnnaBelle Stamps has been a love of mine for a little over 4 years, but it has been a hard love.  I've put many hours of work in to making AnnaBelle Stamps (a lot more goes on behind the scenes!) and I was at a point where I just couldn't do any more, or be creative, so I stopped, took a deep breath, and made a decision.  I will be scaling AnnaBelle Stamps down to something that is fun rather than the wanting and needing it to be a full time business.  I may release just once or twice a year, I may release more digital images, I just don't know yet, but what I do know is that most stock needs to go, I have waaaay too much!  I went out and did a course to get myself out of working at home and back in to the workforce, nothing on that front yet, but I'm hoping it will happen.

So here it is….The whole store, including the clearance section is at 30% off!  Some sets will definitely continue on after the sale, but most will not be re-ordered.  This process may take me a few months to achieve, but I hope you'll help me spread the word of this clearance sale!  All you will need is a code and here it is :


Shipping has now closed for the Christmas break and will re-commence January 2nd, 2014 :)

With all of that said I would now like to take just a minute to thank the Belles who have helped me and supported me, I have been extremely blessed to have known and worked with them.  They have been inspirational!  Will they stay on?  We'll let you know in the New Year what our new line up will be:)

That's enough about me and what is happening so let's see which set is this weeks Friday Feature!

Love Birds is of course part of the clearance sale, so grab it while you can!

Here are the Belle's samples!




Thanks for stopping by tonight!  I wish you all a very Blessed Christmas with family and friends.  May the joy that comes with Christmas follow you in to the New Year!




  1. This is sad news Andrea, but I am glad you are just scaling down and not closing! I love your stamps and love the blog and will keep following along no matter how 'small' you scale down to. Take care of yourself and happy Christmas!!

  2. Very best wishes for whatever you do in the future Andrea! Annabelle Stamps has been a favourite place for me to visit, and I have always felt welcome! Have a wonderful Christmas, and take the rest that you so deserve. Hugs, Ann :)

  3. Thanks for your stamps and inspiration ... and I wish you rest, a Merry Christmas and wonderful new beginnings for 2014!

  4. Beautiful examples by the DT.

    Sorry to hear your health has not been great. I look forward to ABS continuing in which ever form in 2014.
    I'll take this opportunity to wish you, your family & DT a safe and Merry Christmas.

  5. So glad that you are going to look after yourself. Your health comes first and I will continue to visit in the New Year. Have a Merry Christmas and the best of luck in the New Year.

  6. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I also wish you well in whatever you decide to do in the future. Have so enjoyed your bog and glad you will still be with us in 2014.


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